Inspired by the power of nature and spirit of Aloha.

Our Brand
Island Elementals has defined itself as a brand of silence.
When you sit silently in a mountain forest or float softly on the waves of the ocean, you can feel glimpses of the silent power that nature holds. If you sit long enough, nature shows you that power within yourself.

We, at Island Elementals, are hoping to capture that silent wisdom, and bring the vibrance of that peace into your home. Creating reminders, that the struggles of life are in the mind, and silence allows you to rise above it. Every moment holds magic.

About Us
Our story begins shortly after moving to Hawaii in 2010. We met on the Big Island, and have been exploring the magic of nature and spirit of the Hawaiian islands ever since.

We were both greatly influenced by the beauty and serenity of the islands. We found a shared passion to create reminders of the peace of the islands through art. In 2016, we opened this shop with a special collection of island inspired artwork and design, to share the warmth and relaxation of Hawaii.

All of our original artwork is hand-drawn and painted. For customized sizes, commissions, or other inquires please contact us.

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